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Cruise ships and ocean liners are both huge ocean-going vessels that can carry several thousand passengers. However, there are differences in design and purpose that distinguish them from one another.

In regular maritime jargon, a ship that has a regular ocean-going route from point A to point B is an ocean liner, even if it doesn’t carry passengers.

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London bridge
Viking 2020

Embark on a 245 - day adventure on the Viking Sun as she circumnavigates the globe. Experience more travel dreams during one cruise than most people do in a lifetime. Sail roundtrip London, visiting 111 amazing cities and enchanting smaller ports on six continents. Immerse yourself in local cultures with overnight stays in 23 different destinations. Call us to join this enriching journey that will delight and captivate you.


Bask in the opulence that can only be found on a Cunard World Cruise aboard the Queen Mary 2 as she travels from New York, across the Atlantic, through the Mediterranean, to the Arabian Peninsula. Immerse yourself in the cultures of Asia and the magnificent scenery of Australia. Revel in the spectacular sights in Africa as you return via the Indian Ocean to eventually end this magnificent adventure back in New York.

Silversea 2020

Unlike any other World Cruise, Silversea takes you on a journey to all 7 continents. You will swim in every ocean, experience many different cultures and see spectacular natural wonders. You will be one of the select few who can say they have been to Antarctica, South America, Africa, and Australia. You will revel in the history of Asia and Europe. This 140-day cruise will enchant and entice in ways you have never experienced before.

The Colusium 2
Crystal 2020

Join Crystal Voyages on an epic 105-day adventure from Miami to Rome. Explore captivating lands that will entice your senses, enhance your curiosity and calm your soul. Be swept away on an adventure of cultural traditions, artistic enrichment and unique encounters that will leave you speechless. Travel through the Panama Canal to the Rose City of Petra, marvel at the natural wonders of New Zealand’s fjords and Australia’s Outback to French Polynesia. Immerse yourself in Indian culture and Italian masterpieces on this once in a lifetime experience.

South America
Oceania 2020

Oceania World Cruise embarks on a journey that covers 4 continents, 95 ports, 16 overnights, and 67 UNESCO World Heritage sites. You will experience astonishing places, unique cultures, and surprising scenery on this epic voyage. Join Oceania as it travels from South America to destinations in Senegal, Gambia, and the Ivory Coast. Delight in the cosmopolitan and contemplative ports of Asia before basking in the beauty of the Bering Sea and Alaska. Relax as you voyage down the Pacific coast to end this incredible adventure in San Francisco.

Regent 2020

Regent Cruise Line's 2020 World Cruise aboard the Seven Seas Mariner encompasses 131 days, 6 continents, 30 countries, and 66 ports of call. You will have the opportunity to entice your senses on this journey from San Francisco, throughout the South Pacific, Asia, and the Arabian Peninsula. Sail through the Mediterranean Sea to historical Jerusalem and idyllic Tuscany before crossing the Atlantic Ocean where you will visit the pink sands of Bermuda. Experience the opulence and excitement of this extraordinary voyage creating memories that last a lifetime.