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Visit the Galapagos islands or sail into the Mediterranean . Experiences are intimate and personal when you sail on a ocean cruise. Small-group and tours offer glimpses behind the scenes. A remarkable array of land options reveal wonders beyond the shore. The lifestyle is one of sheer indulgence, with impeccable service and staples like spacious suites and superb gastronomy. Enjoy the close-knit camaraderie of like-minded guests. Meet eminent guest lecturers who share their insights. Sail on, and you’ll feel a more profound connection with the world around you. And perhaps, the world within.

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Our Top Picks

Galapogos Islands

There's no better way to experience the Galapagos Islands than on a cruise ship. To avoid overcrowding and minimize the environmental impact, the Galapogos National Park regulates the number and type of tourist boats that can operate in this area. Most of tourist vessels allowed to opperate offer 5 to 7 day all inclusive intineraries which showcase the ilands biodiversity and allow you to see up close an personal how the theory of evolution developed. Join us on a cruise experience that is unique among all others.


Alaska cruises are the ideal way to experience the beauty and remote wilderness of the 49th state. Experience the Inside Passage and picturesque ports of call, such as Ketchikan, Skagway, Juneau and Sitka. Alaska wildlife is magnificante and include whale migrations, dramatic glaciers and iconic natural wonders, such as Mount McKinley and Denali National Park. You can embark on this amazing journey from either Seattle or Vancouver ensuring that you will find your perfect Alaskan adventure.


Have you ever wanted to discover the mystique and wonder which encompases the culturally unique and serine beauty of Asia. A cruise is the perfect way to take in and experience this amazing continent including China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Thialand. Revel in the modern cosmopolitan cities of Tokyo, Bankok and Hong Kong or tour through ancent temples thousands of years old. The contrast and splendour of this part of the world is unmatched and must be experienced to truly be appreciated.

Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is a travel experience you won’t find anywhere else. A Panama Canal Cruise if filled with natural and man-made marvels, majestic creatures and exceptional native cultures. Revel in the thrill of your cruise ship being lifted and lowered 170 feet by the famous canal’s locks, and be amazed by this stunning feat of engineering. Ashore you will interact with Embera Indian Villages, or possibly enjoy a heart-racing zip line through the jungle. From here you can marvel in the rare species of animals and breathtaking fauna. Cruising the Panama Canal is an adventure you will never forget.

The Mediterranean

From pristine beaches to ancient ruins, the Mediterranean is easily one of the most diverse areas in the world. You can be astonished by the Spanish and Italian architecture, bask in the sun in Greece or get a taste of the French countryside on the outskirts of Nice, Monte Carlo or Cannes. By embarking on a Mediterranean cruise, you can discover each port’s unique history, amazing cultures and sumptuous cuisine. You can visit the galleries of Florence one day, the next visit the riches of Monte Carlo and the next be amazed at the architectural genius of Gaudi. Or you can start with a gondola ride in Venice, visit the churches of Croatia the next day and enjoy the beauty of Santorini the next. No matter what your journey once you have enjoyed a cruise of the Mediterranean you will want to visit again and again.

Canada and new england

The stunning beauty and history of Canada and New England entice visitors as they cruise its color-drenched shores. This area of the world offers sophisticated, eye-catching ports of call along with small town culture and hospitality. Take in the sights of the Atlantic Ocean coast, enjoy a whale watching tour, and see the beautiful fall foliage. Newport, Portland and Bar Harbor are quaint historic towns. Explore Canada's Maritime provinces, including the iconic lighthouse of Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia. Visit the Bay of Funday and revel in majestic nature of the highest tides on earth. Immerse yourself in French Canada with stops in Quebec's cities and countryside. This cruise is one of natural beauty, history and culture that will leave you awestruck.