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Exploring Italy by Train

Choose between two premier rail carriers in Italy...Trenitalia & Italo!

TRENITALIA: Domestic and International rail service.

Trenitalia is Italy’s national transportation rail company and extends its network from the Italian Alps in the north all the way down to the tip of the boot. Choose between high-speed trains, “Frecce”, offering fast travel times and modern amenities to inter-city trains that connect the smaller towns.

High-speed “Frecce” trains, Frecciarossa and Frecciargento, travel at speeds up to 186 mph and 155 mph respectively, and feature smoke-free, air conditioned carriages equipped with spacious seating and plenty of legroom. Onboard refreshment service is available in the restaurant car, with a variety of Italian food and drinks.

You can choose from Standard, Premium, Business and Executive service level accommodations on Frecciarossa trains and 1st and 2nd class on all the other trains. Among all the service levels you are able to choose between flexible, semi-flexible and restricted tickets. Plus Eurail Passes that include Italy are valid on Trenitalia for a small reservation fee.

Frecciarossa Services: Rome, Milan, Florence, Bologna, Naples, and Turin

Executive (Premier) Class:

One train car is dedicated to 8 Executive seats where you’ll find ergonomic leather seating that’s over 27” wide, with almost 60” between seats. There’s no one sitting directly next to you, so you have all the stretching room and privacy you could want. Looking to unwind or power up? Each seat has its own power outlet and the ability to recline up to 138°, as well as an adjustable leg rest. Executive tickets include an at-seat meal & open bar, complimentary magazines & newspapers, and access to train stations' Frecciaclub Lounge.

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Business (Comfort) Class:

As the Italian countryside rolls on by, you can relax in reclining seats with a seat pitch of 98 cm. As you are enjoying your train journey, you can charge up your cell phones, tablets and laptops via at-seat power outlets. Frecciarossa's Business Class accommodations offer Quiet cars and Salon seating (four duo seats facing each other across a table). All Business class passengers are served a complimentary welcome drink and free newspapers.

Standard & Premium (Economy) Class:

Premium Class tickets may be at a lower rate but come with a lot of the same amenities as the higher classes of service, like a welcome drink, free newspapers (morning departures) and access to Frecciaclub Lounges at the train stations. Standard Class offers a great value for those on a budget but still expect a comfortable journey.

Frecciargento Services: Rome, Venice, Verona, Bari/Lecce, Lamezia Terme, Reggio Calabria and more

Comfort & speed effortlessly come together providing a unique European experience. 1st-class passengers receive a welcome drink and sweet or savory snack.

Frecciabianca Services: Milan, Bari, Bologna, Genoa, Trieste, Venice, Pescara and more

Runs on traditional rail lines outside the high-speed network, guaranteeing quality and comfort.

Both trains offer 1st- and 2nd-class seating accommodations and access to the bar-car serving delectable Italian coffee, snacks and refreshments. Other onboard features and amenities include: spacious seats, ample space for luggage, at-seat power outlets and lights, fold-out tables, and more.

For last-minute travel and added convenience, all Trenitalia tickets are electronic.

ITALO: domestic Italy rail service

Choose between three classes of service:

Club Ambiance

Prima Ambience

Smart Ambiance

Exploring Italy by Train

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