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Travelling with the whole family or going it alone? Interested in a specialty cruise, such as a voyage around the world cruise, a river cruise or an ocean cruise? Looking for a luxury experience, a romantic escape or a stress-free holiday getaway? Whatever your cruise style, we've got the resources you need to plan the perfect cruise vacation. Choose the type of cruise that suits you, and get started.

Want to personalize your Cruise vacation to really make it yours? Juvelo Travel can assist you in designing a memorable, unique experience with lots of great add-ons. Below are amazing cruise vacations. Talk to us at Juvelo Travel to learn more about how we can personalize your cruise vacation and available enhancements.

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A World Cruise puts the entire globe within reach. Travel around the world on an epic cruise, achieving countless milestones. Juvelo Travel explores a vast variety of destinations, combining popular itineraries on one seamless journey. Each unforgettable itinerary is infused with our signature cultural immersion, destination insight and great value.


Journey into the heart of Europe, Asia, Egypt and beyond. Explore the scenic banks of the romantic Danube, the vineyards and castles along the Rhine, the rich cultures along France’s Rhône and Seine, and the splendid vistas along Portugal’s Douro and Germany’s Elbe. Discover the real Russia along the Volga, the ancient treasures of the Nile and the breathtaking panoramas of the Mekong and China’s Yangtze. Your river cruise begins here.


On an ocean cruise, you will sail into the heart of the world’s great cities such as Venice, London, Hong Kong and Sydney and enriching cultural discoveries are just a short walk from your ship. For example, travel from the ancient seats of Roman emperors to sipping the famous port wines of Portugal along the way and exploring the renowned Bordeaux region of France and finally disembark in London!